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Hairplexx Matte Styling Wax

Hairplexx Matte Styling Wax

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 Size: 2.7 oz / 80g


MATTE FINISH: Our natural clay-based Hairplexx Matte Styling Wax is designed to eliminate shine, leaving you with an ultra-matte and dry finish. Whether you're looking to add texture and volume or simply want to define your style, this is perfect for all hair types.

IMPROVE TEXTURE & THICKNESS: A perfect styling product to create a modern, textured, slick hair look. Specifically formulated for men's hair, the material contains thickening ingredients to lock styles in place.

ALL DAY STRONG HOLD: Our matte styling wax is for those looking for a reliable product with a firm hold, matte finish, and the ability to maintain a style throughout the day. With its long-lasting hold and styling capabilities, you'll be able to achieve any look you desire.

WATER BASED FORMULA: Made with natural quality ingredients to keep your hair healthy and styled. The water-soluble-based formula gives amazing hold and texture that is easy to wash out.

BE A GENTLEMAN: Our versatile formula is perfect for all hair types, whether you have short, long, thick, or wavy hair. With its firm hold and ability to shape your hair exactly how you want it, our product allows you to create any subtle or trendy hairstyle you have in mind.


Use on dry hair or slightly damp hair. Dispense proper amount of the product onto palm and rub between fingers until smooth. Style hair as desired from hair root to hair end.

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