Your Easy-to-follow Guide on How to Use Our Argan Oil Hair Serum

Say hello to your new winter best friend. Using a hair serum is definitely an essential product to use during the winter months. Not only does it protect your hair from fizziness and breakage, but it also enhances natural texture and adds shine to every strand of hair. Hair tends to look dull and dry during this season, but as long as you’re using your go-to serum, you won’t need to worry about this. 


Our Argan Oil Hair Serum Will Save You From Dry Hair This Winter

Our argan oil hair serum is our holy grail product to keep our hair from looking lifeless and dry this winter. It contains large amounts of beneficial nutrients, including vitamin E and fatty acids. Argan oil is known for its powerful antioxidants that keep hair moisturized and nourished as well as helping with hair growth. We knew we wanted to make a hair serum with extra properties that would help with the overall health of the hair. This is why we chose argan oil as the main ingredient for this hair serum. We want your hair to look shiny and healthy, but most importantly, we want your hair actually to BE healthy.

Key Benefits

1. Nourishes hair

This ultra-rich leave-in serum is great for all hair textures and delivers up to 72 hours of hydration. It nourishes dry hair from the scalp to the ends and detangles and fortifies hair prone to breakage.

2. Provides remarkable lightness and shine

This lightweight formula reduces fizziness while leaving a non-greasy luxurious shine. It has the perfect balance of shine as it does not weigh down the hair. 

3. Stimulates thicker and fuller growth

It increases the appearance of hair density while reducing signs of shedding to promote thicker, fuller-looking hair.

4. Protects from heat damage

It provides heat protection, so you can be free of using your favorite hot tools without feeling guilty about damaging your hair. 

5. Prevents breakage

Increases hair elasticity to restore weak, fragile, and brittle hair.

How to Use it

Press 3-4 drops of this product onto the palm and warm between hands. Apply and massage into hair gently for good absorption. No need to rinse. Style as desired.

When to Use it

In order for your hair to get the maximum potential from the serum, you’ll want to apply it on clean, washed hair. Applying the serum on damp hair is best before applying any other styling products. This way, it will protect against any other chemicals, heat tools, or breakage. But don’t forget that it is totally okay to use it throughout the day on dry hair for a touch-up. 

Where to Buy our Argan Oil Heat Protectant Spray

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