The Best Way to Freshen Up Your Hair After A Winter Workout

Finding the motivation to work out is challenging, let alone during the winter when all you want to do is curl up in blankets, drink hot chocolate, and watch movies. But when you do find the motivation, here are some helpful tips to keep your hair fresh in between washes!

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How to Freshen Up Your Hair After A Workout this Winter

Go ahead and hit the gym hard because you’ll be able to walk out with fresh hair every time!


1. Dry Shampoo

We’ve been using dry shampoo to keep our hair fresh in between washes during the week, and now you can use it after a gym session!

2. Braid Hair - during workout and let loose after working out for luscious waves

Are you a ponytail person or a bun person when working out? If you’re either one, consider braiding your hair! It’ll help keep the hair out of your face and create natural wavy hair after!

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3. Accessorize with Hair Clips

Adding accessories to your hair after a workout is a great way to freshen up your look. You can keep your hair in a bun, ponytail, or a braid and add statement pieces!

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4. Hair Gel or Mousse

If you’re worried about creating odor, you can use a citrus-scented hair gel or mousse to help! You can also style it to switch up your look after a workout and hold it in place.

Photo by Jill Burrow

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