The Best Heat-less Hair Curlers to Protect From Heat Damage

As you might have already learned, exposing your scalp and hair to extreme heat can be damaging. Excessive or prolonged exposure to heat can change the shape of your hair’s keratin strands, leading to weaker, brittle hair. To combat weak hair strands and keep your hair healthy and happy, we’re sharing our favorite heatless hair curlers to protect against heat damage!

Top Heat-less Hair Curlers

Kitsch "The Original" Satin Heatless Curling Set $18.99

Kitsch Satin Heatless Curling Set allows you to create the perfect waves or curls for a beautiful style - without the heat damage! The satin construction keeps your hair frizz-free and prevents breakage. Simple to use and can be worn day or night! The set includes a foam curling rod & two scrunchies that gently secure your hair.

Kitsch "The Original" Satin Heatless Curling Set

Goody Style Curl Finish Foam Rollers $9.99

Curl your hair without the need for heat with Goody foam rollers. Create any look with ease. Whether you want a tousled look or extra bounce, the weightless foam will give you a long-lasting look. Goody is the World's most recognized manufacturer of hair styling tools and accessories and has been making hair look fabulous for over 100 years. Available in various sizes are perfect for all hair lengths and styles.

Goody Style Curl Finish Foam Rollers - 36ct

Drybar High Tops Self-Grip Rollers $11.99

Raise the roof! Drybar's High Tops Self-Grip Rollers roll easily into the hair, create mega-lift and volume, and remove gently without pulling or tugging. Drybar's philosophy is simple: Focus on one thing and be the best at it. For us, that's blowouts! We created a full line of hair products and tools to achieve and maintain the perfect blowout.

Drybar High Tops Self-Grip Rollers - 6ct - Ulta Beauty

Conair Heatless Hair Roller Set $15.99

Conair® has everything you need for beautiful hair. Perfect for heat-free styling, our new Heatless Roller Set comes complete with one long satin roller, two ponytails, and two styling clips to easily create loose, luxurious curls and waves. Fashioned from high-quality, ultra-comfortable satin, the roller helps reduce frizz and breakage, while the clips and ponytails provide a secure, all-night hold for heat-free curls and waves. Simply roll, set, sleep—and wake up to flowing, flawlessly formed curls and waves with no heat damage!

Conair Heatless Hair Roller Set - Pink - 5pc

Make this the year you stop damaging your hair with heat exposure! These heatless curlers are perfect for leaving on while you sleep with minimal work. Get the perfect waves you’ve always dreamed of!

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